Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Terror of Road Accidents إرهاب حوادث المرور

A brilliant presentation from Saudi Arabia by a group called Mctoom Media Movies, headed by Ala'a Al Maktoum. I must congratulate them for their amazing efforts. I hope they continue to create these kinds of high quality videos. I also hope our Libyan youth can take this as a positive example and try to do something similar.
The video above talks about the problem of road accidents in Saudi Arabia, which according to the video has the highest rate of car accidents and deaths in the World, I am sure the Libyan road safety problem is also very similar. Please watch the video and remember that most of the information applies to Libya.
It's very sad fact that the Arab world is losing so much of its youth because of very poor road safety standards.
Drastic measures need to be taken as the video shows that the situation is getting worse.

You can follow Ala'a Al Maktoum on twitter here and the blog here.

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