Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Writing tools: CreaWriter

Has anyone wished they can find somewhere quiet where they can write? Somewhere where there are no distractions. Maybe somewhere far away on a serene beach, a beautiful sunset, a gentle breeze and the comforting sound of a small camp-fire nearby (حطب يطرشق).

Wake up, snap out of it! Maybe you can't have this in reality, but you can have all of it in the virtual world thanks to CreaWriter.
Basically it gives you the above scenario in the comfort of your own home as you type away using its simple minimalist interface.
I first came across this kind of program a few years back, the one I used then is called Q10 writer, which is also excellent. I just discovered this program and I thought I'd share it.

Checkout the above video about CreaWriter , if you like it you can try it out: Download here.

You can get the free version, in which you can't change the font etc, and unfortunately you also can't have access to the wonderfully satisfying sound of the old typewriter "clicking" sound which you are meant to hear as you type away. But you do get the all important sound of the crackling fire and the sunset background. To get the full features you have to give a well deserved donation.
Regarding Arabic text, you can type in Arabic, but I'm not sure how much editing you can do. Remember it is meant to be simplistic, so advanced editing can be done on other programs. There is also a timer, so you can take breaks at set intervals, this is to encourage productivity.

You can also try out the other program called Q10 writer (for Windows) which I really like. It's wonderfully simple and does its job very well. The download size is conveniently very small as well and here you get the typewriter sound for free, an amazing program. Download here.

For Linux there is a program called TextRoom, which basically has the same features as Q10 including the awesome type writing sound. You can also download the deb file for Ubuntu for easy installation. Download here.

I recommend that you try them, it has stimulated many people to write more.
I'd love some feedback on the Arabic part if anyone tries it.

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