Sunday, April 25, 2010

Has anyone tried ISSUU?

Assalamo Alikum,

I've been away from the web2.o scene developments for a long time now as well as some of the amazing on-line tools that turn up almost on a daily basis.
One such website I recently discovered is called ISSUU, best described as a Youtube for publications. What I like about it is the eye friendly browsing of the documents. I embedded a document below. The document I used as an example is called: "What Muslims did". Click on the view in full screen button so you can see the document at its best. I have to say there isn't many Arabic documents in the website. Addendum: Discovered a similar website to ISSUU called YUDO.


khadijateri said...

It's a great web app.. thanks.

As for the content of the book... great too... but I wish there was one about what great things present day Muslims are doing for the world now... the stuff in the book is ancient. What happened to Muslims.. Why did they stop?

Beacon said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you liked the app. I find it useful to have something eye friendly, as I do a lot of my reading online. Regarding your question, it is THE question of our time, I hope someone soon will come up with an answer :).


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