Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Useful Video 1: How to fold a T shirt!!

What a great and useful Video! I remember many years ago, when I had to start relying on my self, after leaving home to pursue my studies, I had to learn how to cook, wash, iron etc. I must say, it was a steep learning curve, many a night I had to make do with a burnt meal on my table! Those were the days! It was fun watching the faces of my friends trying to eat my food, their expressions were....supressed to say the least! My food at the time I am sure was a potent gag reflex stimulant! Now I am wise, I have learnt how to cook....i.e ready made micro-wave meals! Joking, I am proud to say, I am now able to cook an edible meal (esp. the world famous imbakbaka, Libyan pasta).

I wish I saw this video at the time, which shows how simple and fun it is to fold a T-shirt. Learn it, use it and impress some one!

I will try to post a useful video every week.

On the road safety issue, I am trying to scan through some very useful documents which I will try to summarise in my blog and provide links to. I am also working on some road safety posters which I will post soon hopefully. Still open to ideas. Remember evidence has shown education DOES reduce death and injury.

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