Thursday, December 14, 2006

Music and Poetry: The Pigeons Fly

A beautiful song, performed live by Marcel Khalife. The words are by Mahmoud Darwish, the famous Palestinian poet. I've posted a snippet of the lyrics both in Arabic and English, if any one wants, I can post the link for the full Arabic poem. (Please right click on image and open link/image in new window, to enlarge and listen to the music while reading).


Lebeeya said...

I loved it! beautiful words. Really nice poem.

I wish I can steal it and say "Written by Lebeeya" ;)

Beacon said...

Mahmoud Darwish is so eloquent, and Marcel sings it so well. I provide a link to both peoples web pages on the side of my blog. Enjoy!

A.Adam said...

yes the words are beautiful with Marcel Khalife voice , thanks for this lovely song

Beacon said...

You are welcome. I love listening to Marcel, he has an amazing voice.


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