Friday, May 7, 2010

My New Video: Ubuntu (Sabily) and Arabic اوبونتو (سبيلي) واللغة العربية

I thought I'd make a video on Linux Ubuntu to showcase it, especially for those who use Arabic. There seems to be a lack of media on the Arabic part of Linux. I hope the video can give people more info on the subject. The above videos are the same but one is hosted on YouTube and the other in Vimeo.

The distro in the video is called Sabily. It's an Islamic Ubuntu, the version shown corresponds to Ubuntu 9.10. I've shown some applications and also Arabic text, mostly its rendering in web pages through Firefox and Chrome. For word-processing I showed the excellent OpenOffice. The video quality maybe a little off, for that I apologise, I'm new at this! You could try maximising the video if its unclear. The video is a bit long at 10 minutes but believe me, there is still plenty more to show in terms of applications etc.

Towards the end of the video, I also used a Quran reciter which comes pre-installed with Sabily.

As mentioned in my last post Ubuntu 10.04 is already out and is even better then the version showcased in this video. Regarding Sabily, it is an excellent distro, packed full of Islamic and educational software ready to use straight after installation. The next version of Sabily (corresponding to Ubuntu 10.04) is still pending.

If you want to visit the Sabily web page it's here and for the latest Ubuntu click here.
Please read my last post for more information on Linux and Ubuntu.

For those who may ask, the music in the background of the video is a form of Andalusian Muwashahat from Libya also called Ma'luf (a form of Islamic traditional music). It's a form of invocation.
The musical group in the video is lead by Hassan Araybi from Libya, who sadly passed away last year. The invocation is called "Ya Men Khalaqta Alwara Min Dulmat Al-Adami", can anyone translate that? In Arabic: حسن عريبي: يا من خلقت الورى من ظلمة العدم .

For Arabic speakers the words of the invocation are:

يا من خلقت الورى من ظلمة العدم
يا ذا البقاء و الغنى و الجود و الكرم
يا عالم الغيب يا من لا شريك له
ياذا العطاء و الندى يا بارئ النسم

يا سامعا لدعاء المضطر يا املي
يا واحد احد يا واهب النعم
انت العليم الهى و القضاء قدري فامنن و بارك و تب انى لذو عشم
فقد امرت بان ندعوك يا سندى و قد وعدت اجبنا ذا العطا العمم
يسر لسيري ايا مولاى مكرمة و العفو فى الدين و الغفران للمم

انت العليم الهى و القضاء قدري
فامنن و بارك وتب اني لذو عشم
ادعوك بالذات و الاسماء اجمعها
كذا الصفات و ما فى اللوح و القلم
ان تستر الحال منى دائما ابدا و فى الاقامة و الترحال للحرم
انت العليم الهى و القضاء قدري فامنن و بارك و تب انى لذو عشم
ثم الصلاة على المختار سيدنا محمد خير خلق الله كلهم
و الال و الصحب ما غنت مطوقة او ما حدا سائق الركبان بالنغم

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