Sunday, April 18, 2010

أحضن الحياة، دائمًا ارتدي حزام الأمان

I couldn't resist coming back to post this. It's a beautiful poignant Road Safety ad. I hope every one of us can heed its message: "Embrace life, always wear your seat belt".

أرجوا مشاهدة هذا الفيديوالرائع والمؤثر جدًا عن أهمية ربط حزام الأمان. شعار الحملة والفيديو هو:"أحضن الحياة، دائمًا ارتدي حزام الأمان". إذا أردتم المزيد من المعلومات عن أهمية حزام الأمان ارجو منكم إتباع رابط ال-PDF من الموقع الجديد "شراكة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا للسلامة على الطرق". لتنزيل ملف ال- PDF أنقروا هنا. دمتم في رعاية الله وحفظه.


Anonymous said...


Tarek Alwan said...

I just came back from Tripoli last week and I must say that driving in Libya is getting so ridiculous. No manners, nor respect. Nothing to be a proud of.
All driving like hell and the reason you ask yourself, why they all drive this fast without caring, respecting the rules and regulations of driving. What are they trying to achieve?
Many questions are left without answers.
I am not exaggerating if I say during my two weeks stay I’ve witnessed more than 10 road accidents and on one occasion someone was lying death on the street.
The funny thing is that you see lots of traffic police and normal police everywhere stopping people, cars and drivers to check their papers but none of them bother to fix the chaos and madness.
The whole driving and road accidents are beyond expression and I am so fed up every time I go to Libya to find it so difficult to negotiate the roads and cars.
It has to be stopped.

Beacon said...

Thanks for your visit Sonnet and Tarek. Yes Tarek you are absolutely right. I have for many years been watching the road situation in Libya, it is getting worse and people just stand around and do nothing! The irony as well is that trauma health care is very bad. I once spoke to a foreign business man who has a lot of staff in Libya from abroad. He mentioned a very good idea, basically anyone coming to Libya to work has to go to a
defensive driving
course prior to starting work in Libya. Something I have often thought about, definitely worth the investment, but alas no courses exist in Libya (a good business opening maybe?!). I hope the road situation does improve, but the signs are not there yet, until then we pray that harm does not cross our path and I believe that everyone should take an active part in trying to improve awareness of the situation and to advice people on the importance of driving safely and responsibly. Also there are many scientific methods and tools that people of responsibly can implement, but they need to be aware of them. I believe that we can improve road safety if more people can take an active role.

Beacon said...


I stand corrected, I found an ad for a defensive driving course in Tripoli, Libya. The company that runs the ad is called:

شركة الأوزون للحلول التقنية

The ad web site is:

دورة القيادة الأمنة

I am trying to prepare a post on defensive driving with a few videos, I will include the ad link within the post as well. There is also incentive for young people because the certificate from the course will give them greater prospects for employment, which is an excellent incentive in addition to the very important reason of being more safer on the roads. Great news!

Anonymous said...


I am so grateful to see a talented and responsible citizen like you. We as Libyans need people like you in all aspects of life as Mr Tarik was saying its getting ridiculous, did you know that we loos around 2300 lives per year due to car accidents,I also notice as a Libyan citizen that we have ethic crisis , and it looks ugly specially from our youths who has no motivation or goals in life as a training manager I have been looking to employ some of these youngsters newly graduat but I end up with Morons all the time it really hurts last but not least god bless you for the good work you do


Beacon said...

Thank you Anonymous for your kind words.


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