Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sit El Habayeb ست الحبايب

من أحلى الأغاني للأم من تلحين محمد عبدالوهاب وغناء محمد ثروت و عبدالهادي بالخياط

ست الحبايب ياحبيبه يااغلى من روحي ودمي
ياحنينة وكلك طيبة يارب يخليكي يا أمي
زمان سهرتي وتعبتي وشلتي من عمري ليالي
ولسه برضه دلوقتي بتحملي الهم بدالي
انام وتسهري وتباتي تفكري
وتصحي من الآدان وتيجي تشقري
تعيشي لي ياحبيبتي يا أمي ويدوم لي رضاكي
أنا روحي من روحك انت وعايشه من سر دعاكي
بتحسي بفرحتي قبل الهنا بسنة
وتحسي بشكوتي من قبل ماأحس أنا
يارب يخليكي ياأمي يارب يخليكي ياأمي
لو عشت طول عمري أوفي جمايلك الغاليه علي
أجيب منين عمر يكفي وألاقي فين أغلى هدية
نور عيني ومهجتي وحياتي ودنيتي
لو ترضي تقبليهم دول هما هديتي
يارب يخليكي ياأمي ست الحبايب ياحبيبة


Anglo-Libyan said...

Allah Allah yasalam, Allah bless all mothers.
of course this was sung first by Faiza Ahmed, both versions are very beautiful.

عبدالهادي بالخياط voice is so beautiful.

Beacon said...

Hi A.L.

Yes, an amazing song, when I heard this live version I loved it.I thought I will share it immediately! I'm glad you liked it.

abdullah SH said...

اغنيه ولا اروع وتشد المستمع ليها ... مانملوش منها بكل هل لروعتها او لروعة المعنى متاعها ... سلام

vertigo said...

I just want to send my love to all the lovely people in Libya and to the friends I met in Tripoli and Bengasi,when I was working there,from 1981 up to 1983,as an air-hostess for Libyan arab airnines.
Although I lost contact,I hope they are doing well.
I send my love to Latif Abuabdullah and his family[captain for Libyan airlines,at that time,]to Mohamed[based in Bengasi],to dear Sami[I hope his dear mom is o.k]and to all my ex colleagues in the airline.
I still miss ''the zorba libya'',
the libyan people 's hospitality ,
the days I spend there.
Lots of love to all of you in Libya.

ELENI, from Athens,Greece.

vertigo said...

to ,all the lovely people of Libya, to all my friends in Libya[and to Abdul Benarous]
I dedicate this song.

vertigo said...

And one of my favorite songs by Haris Alexiou,
dedicated to all of you in Libya.

Eleni [Lena],athens,Greece

vertigo said...

Dear Beacon,
thank you for showing my posts.
I dedicate 3 of my favorite songs to you.
I wish one day I visit Tripoli,
I miss Libya a lot.
Up to this day,I still remember all the arabic I learnt to speak[and I learnt a lot!] ,I adore the language.
Love,Eleni[or Lena],Athens,Greece.

notis sfakianakis

pashalis terzis

anna vissi

Beacon said...

Hi Lena,
Thank you for your kind comments about Libya. I am really glad that you loved your time here and I hope you will visit Tripoli again.
Thank you also for the very nice music you sent.


Adriana said...

sicnceros my respect to the Prophet Muhammad and the Arab world!

Our Savior is different, but our God is the same!

We are Brazilians, but my husband is the grandson of Lebanese!

Songs that pack a childhood!


Beacon said...

Thank you Adriana, and welcome to my blog. I'm glad you liked the song.

vertigo said...

Hi there,dear Beacon.
I want to dedicate to you,this song,a greek musician,Thanassis Papakonstantinou composed the music.I don't understand the lyrics,but I like it a lot.

my love to Libya,[and to my friend Abdul Ben Arous-from Zliten,who had his birthday yesterday].
Lena.[from Athens,Greece.]

vertigo said...

I forgot to tell you,that the song I dedicated to you,has nothing wrong with the sound,but it uses samples of short waves broadcasting.

Anonymous said...

شكرا على هذه الأغنية المعبرة و الخالدة بقلوبنا


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