Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Islamic History of Europe التاريخ الاسلامي في أوروبا

فيلم يروي تاريخ الإسلام في أوروبا و كيف ساهم الإسلام في التقدم العلمي و الثقافي الذي ينعم به الغرب الآن

Excellent documentary by the BBC, presented by the brilliant Rageh Omar (راجي عمر).
It tells the history of the Arab Muslim's presence in Andalusia and Europe, its Scientific/cultural influence and its tolerance at the height of Islamic progression. What struck me at the end of the documentary was the fact that the present day Spanish are slowly coming to terms with that important part of their history and are discovering and recognising how important that era was.
Rageh also said at the conclusion of the video that some cities around Spain are taking down monuments that celebrate the slaughter of Muslims and Jews, and are for the first time beginning to connect with their Muslim history and discovering "Convivencia" (spirit of coexistence) again.
In today's world we are all in desperate need for "la Convivencia". Andalusia's Scientific and cultural achievements are a true testament of what coexistence can achieve. Imagine what a better world this would be if once again like in Andalusia, Muslims, Jews and Christians can live together in harmony, justice, peace and respect.

NB: The above video contains Arabic subtitles.

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