Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tragedy again: Another 9 dead in a taxi crash

I just heard that 9 people died in a taxi crash. The accident happened on Tripoli Airport road, within the outskirts of Tripoli, Libya.

Why? Careless taxi driver and speeding, and to top it all up he had a full propane gas cylinder inside the taxi, with 7 passengers on board. His careless driving lead to the accident, which may have resulted in an explosion of the gas cylinder leading to an inferno, and the horrible death of all the occupants and the driver of the car he collided with on the other side of the road.

Apparently the "emergency services" had a difficult time reaching the accident site because of the overcrowding on the roads. Congested roads within Tripoli have become a huge issue in Libya, further increasing the danger of the already unsafe roads.
As you can see in the video above (time 2:20), some people found the accident rather amusing, many even stopped to take photos and video the dead people, delaying emergency work. Disgusting behavior, what is the world coming to?! Shame on them! This kind of attitude sickens me, these people should have been arrested and punished for their abhorrent behavior.

So the important question: Why this again? 36 people died last month in another accident involving public transport. I think we know some of the answers and this will continue until something is done about road safety in Libya. There is still no tangible activity from the authorities to try to tackle the biggest killer of young people in Libya.
As for the families of the deceased my sympathies go out to them, may Allah bless those who lost their lives with jenna and may Allah forgive the careless driver and the licensing authorities whom both directly and indirectly caused this horrific accident.

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