Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bus Crash Kills 36 outside Tripoli/Libya

I just read the shocking and horrible news of an RTA in Libya, I've posted the news item below in red text.
When will these accidents stop? When will some one do something to improve the standards of road safety in Libya? More stringent regulations are needed and tough laws introduced and enforced to prevent the high death and injury rates in our beloved country. Too many have died and sadly this won't stop until something is done to improve the safety of our roads. May Allah give mercy to those that have died and my sincere condolences go out to the families of the deceased, may Allah give them patience at this difficult time.

When will people be shocked enough to do something about this terrible situation? If nothing is done, many others will continue to die.

Road deaths are preventable, one death is one to many, that's what we don't seem to understand.
What is happening now in Libya in terms of road safety is catastrophic and getting worse, this needs to be addressed and it's mainly due to a lack of a proper modern scientific road safety policy. This should be a priority and it should be investigated immediately, or eventually according to the grim statistics people reading this may one day be part of these very statistics. I am sure there are very good and humane people within the authorities who are also very concerned, please I urge you to do more to improve road safety in our country, there is a lot of knowledge out there to assist you and many people who can contribute to improving the issue. Please don't let these 36 people who have died become just another statistic, let them be a wake up call to do some thing about this very sad situation.

The news reports in Arabic and English (Links here and here):

مقتل 36 شخصا واصابة 9 في حادث مروري في ليبيا
Apr 11, 2008 - 09:30 - ليبيا/حادث/ضحايا .

طرابلس في 11 ابريل /وام/

لقي 36 شخصا مصرعهم وأصيب 9 آخرون بجراح في حادث مروري مروع وقع فجر اليوم على طريق وادي سوف الجين بمدينة مزدة بشعبية غريان الليبية.
وأرجعت مصادر إدارة العلاقات باللجنة الشعبية العامة للأمن العام الحادث إلى اصطدام حافلة لنقل الركاب كانت في طريقها من مدينة سبها إلى طرابلس بسيارة نقل خفيف الأمر الذي أدى إلى انحراف الحافلة عن مسارها وتدحرجها وسقوطها بالوادي.. موضحة أن السرعة وعدم التقيد بقواعد وإشارات المرور سبب وقوع الحادث

Libya bus crash kills 36 people outside Tripoli

Fri 11 Apr 2008, 17:46 GMT

TRIPOLI, April 11 (Reuters) - At least 36 people were killed on Friday when a bus in which they were travelling collided with a car outside the Libyan capital Tripoli, the official news agency Jana quoted the Interior Ministry as saying.

Nine other passengers were injured, five of them seriously, it said, adding that the dead and the injured were from several foreign countries.

The bus hit the car coming from the opposite direction and then veered off the road and plunged into a river near Mazda town, outside Tripoli, Jana said. The authorities blamed reckless driving for the accident, it added.

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