Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Road Safety: New Libyan Road Safety Videos

Some very positive news! I just found these new road safety videos posted on Youtube, all to do with Road Safety, and yes, all made in Libya. A very POSITIVE step in the right direction and they are pretty good as well. Please take some time to look at them. I hope this continues, and I hope people will follow the advice given.
AngloLibyan, can I ask a huge favor again, could you please post them on your blog as well, as people are more likely to see them on your blog, thank you.

Speed Kills (1):

Speed Kills (2):

Mobile Phones and driving (1):

Mobile phones and driving (2):

Seat belts (1):

Seat Belts (2):


Anonymous said...

Dear Libyan brother (Beacon):
I've came cross your blog and found it very interesting and useful. It is clear that you are trying to do some positive work on the road safety issue and your efforts are appreciated.
You know that there must be other people somewhere in our country who are trying the same thing in away or another. I'm writing to you this to tell you about a new group just founded last couple of weeks called "National Group for Road Safety". It is affiliated to the Scientific Society of Engineers (Libya), SSE. The group comprised initially of highway and traffic engineers, traffic police officers and will include other activists from sociology, medicine, media, law, and other disciplines related to the issue of road safety.
As a member of this group I pleased to invite you to join the group and add your effort and experience for the sake of doing some positive action towards road safety in our country.
For more details you can reach me at :
mob.: 091 3223984

Beacon said...

Thank you for your comment anonymous, I am very happy to hear of this group and I wish you all the best.
We certainly need more active involvement of people to try to reduce the road death and injury rates in our beloved country.


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