Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ahmed Fakroun أحمد فكرون

I've long loved and listened to this outstanding musician. He has for a long time inspired and contributed to the modern Libyan and Arabic music scene, this contribution hasn't been recognised or acknowledged enough, I hope it will be soon.
I've just discovered that he's just started his own Youtube channel!! I'm very happy that he's still active and I hope he continues to be.
The above video is of a new song included in his channel, it's called "Sayad". I also include other songs from him below.
Just a reminder; I used one of his songs on my first video "Ya Bladi", which at the time was the first song of his to be put up on YouTube.
His new channel can be found here.
More information about Ahmed can be found here.

Other great songs from Ahmed (Found in the LibyanMusic Channel):

Ya Blaadi:

Laylil Alsahraneen:



Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Beacon

long time no see, hope all is well.
many thanks for this post, I didnt know about Fakroun's youtube channel, fantastic.

Beacon said...

Hi AL,
Thanks for your comment.
It's good to be back :).


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