Monday, February 5, 2007

Did mummies come from Libya?

Hi every one, I have been off for some time now! Hope you guys didn't miss me!
I've been on holiday to Libya, and recently I have been to the Tripoli museum, "Mat-haf Asaraya". The last time I went there was over 16 years ago! Nothing has changed much, but its still an amazing place to visit, I recommend it to any one! Libya is so full of history.

Now, you may question the title of this post, about the "mummies", well apart from taking my brother along to show him around, I wanted to see one particular item, which over 16 years ago, when I was a young teenager, didn't even stop to look closely at. In fact not many people know the significance of this exhibit (which I took a picture of, as shown above).

This exhibit was recently brought to my attention by a TV programme I saw while living abroad, an hour long program about this major archaeological find almost 50 years ago now.

As you walk in the initial parts of the museum, there stands a Small glass box, inside this box lie the remains of a child. The child was discovered inside a leather sac covered with dried plants in 1958 in the south of Libya in the "Akakous" mountains area. So what, I hear you say? Well this poor child is probably the oldest, most complete mummy in the world thus far! Approximately over 5400 years old (Carbon 14 was used to determine this age). Yes, even older than the famous Egyptian mummies!! The Italian researchers who studied this child have a theory that the art of mummification that the Egyptians perfected actually originated in Libya! Interesting or what?!

I hope the museum can be expanded. I noticed the lack of information (both in Arabic or English) about the exhibits, I also hope this can be resolved soon.

I have some more interesting photos of other items, I will try to post them soon Allah willing.

Addendum 2010: More websites on Libyan Mummies:
1-Temehu: Wan Muhuggiag (Muhjaij)
2-Libya Expeditions: The Uan Muhuggia Mummy
3-Mathilda’s Anthropology Blog: The six thousand year old mummies from Takarkori, Libya
4- Wiki Article: Uan Muhuggiag


A.Adam said...

hey welcome back and of course we missed you, so a visit to tripoli and can't tell.
yeah I saw this Mummies when I visit the museum in the last December, not long time and I don't agree with you the museum has been changed over the 16 year ago. and may be you didn't notice that, many things are better now and also we need more efforts to make it better.
how much time your visit lasted at
the museum?
my last one last about 3 hours, & it was amazing one.
BTW, answer to your question, yes mummies come from Libya.

waiting to see your pcitures

AngloLibyan said...

welcome back Beacon.
I saw this program last year with Libyan friends of mine, I think it was shown on Channel 4, we were all amazed at how this discovery was made 50 years ago yet hardly anything is known about it, it was a fantastic documentary.
come on tell us about your Libyan visit and looking forward to more pictures.


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