Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Hunger site

I've been meaning to bring to every body's attention a wonderful web site. Its called "The hunger site", the beauty of this web site is that you can contribute food, by just clicking on a button! Don't look surprised, its true, that's all you need to do. For more information click on the FAQ link on the main website.
What's more amazing is that they have added more elements which have the same principle, i.e click contribution for Breast cancer care, Child education, Animal and forest care. Please explore the website and help contribute. Make your web browsing worth while, you will gain grace from Allah inshala (ajer).
There is also a link explaining about hunger in the world in all the major languages of the world including Arabic (click on the translations link at the bottem of the page). Click on the above banner to link to the website and then on the shown button. I have added a link on my firefox browser so its easy for me to remember to click each day. There is also a link on my blog, please spread the word. Thank you.

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