Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

I'm from Tripoli, Libya, born there, lived there, now I'm here and miss there, although I often go back for holidays. Nostalgia is strange thing; it certainly stimulated my first "web publishing" experience, Tripoli Nights. Why this name you may ask? That strange entity called Nostalgia again, I remember many things, I remember the summer nights, especially the cooler ones (the horrible hot and sticky ones I try to block out), the family "lemma"(gatherings), the evenings spent by the Mediterranean Sea with friends, summer fruits (esp Dillaa- watermelons). Many more nice memories come to mind, I'll spare you the agony! Having said all of that I'll try not make this blog just about memories, but plenty more. What is that "plenty more"? I don't exactly know, but I don't need to, I'm sure I'll find my way.
You're still reading?! Then that’s a good start.

1 comment:

ontripoli said...

It sounds like you are putting the effort in this. You certainly have a wonderfull spirit who ever you are, keep it up.
And by the way, where do you live now?


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