Monday, December 18, 2006

Chatalaine's wonderful video of memories!

Good day to you all. Remember when I posted my first ever self made video "Ya Bladi HubikMawali ", well I challenged some people including Chatalaine to make a video as well.
The product of this challenge was a wonderful, amazing video by Chatalaine. She gave me her kind permission to post it here in my blog as well, if you want to visit her blog click on the following link: Chatalaine's Blog.
Whats amazing about the pictures in the video was the clarity and colour! I've never seen pictures of Tripoli and Libya in such glorious colour from that period. I commented on the video on Chatalaine's blog, I took the liberty of re-posting the comment below. Please enjoy the video. I am so proud of it. I hope Chatalaine and others make more.

The comment I posted:
Me again, just saw it (the video) again, couldn't help wanting to show my gratitude once more. I often wish I had a time machine, so I can go back to then and walk the old Tripoli streets and smell the fresh Mediterranean Sea air, stretch my arms out close my eyes and absorb all the charm! May be walk along the “kornesh”, talk to some of the people pictured in your video and reminisce about the future! I did not exist in the 60’s but I feel that my heart and soul did. I know I'm just dreaming, but that’s the way the video made me feel!
I once read somewhere that "Yesterday is another country", how very true. Even if you are living in the same place, same house, same street and city, time changes every thing to the extent that if you adhere to the past you become a foreigner in your own country.
If my time machine did work, would those people I meet, my fellow Libyans of yester-year, say I was foreign?
Yes, material things change with time, they age, evolve, erode, new buildings, new roads, but the most striking thing that time does, is to change people. New faces, New attitudes, a new "lingo", new tastes and so on, almost a new nation, hence yesterday is another country.
How true, how very true that is............God bless, thank you, from Beacon.

By the way, no comments on my mobile phone poster yet? Any one out there interested in Road Safety? Please, please join in.


Lebeeya said...

It is indeed a very nice video. Well done Chatalaine.

A jump in the air for you!

Hannu said...

Good idea, Beacon. Nice pictures! It would be interesting to see old and new pictures of the same places.

Beacon said...

The video was Chatalaine's video, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Trabilsia said...

Well done Beacon, nice of Chatalaine to have shared with us past memories.

Hannu said...

Now that I've seen 3 of them including A.Adam's, I'm tempted! You should post the collection on your blog.

Hannu said...

OK, made my video. Check here.

red_enclave said...

thank you Beacon & Chatalaine for sharing such beautiful pictures of Libya & for posting it here.

Some of the pictures of the places in Libya look very familiar, but most don't. I have to admit I miss the beautiful beaches and clear blue water, I remember fearing for baby sharks biting my leg or feet off! Yes, thanks to the fishermen for capturing them & fishmonger for displaying them! But that was then!


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